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The History of Seiko spreads out over more then 130 years of pure innovation. Founder Kintaro Hattori was determined to stay in front of the competition in the watch industry. Has creed "One step ahead of the rest" was the booster of a continuous stream of unprecedented innovations true the years. Innovations used by Seiko to establish as a leading brand in numerous time-technologies. Today - and for over a 100 years now - Seiko can call itself with right and reason an allround watch manufacturer. Seiko is the only manufacturer in the world who uses and controls all of the 5 watch-technologies - Mechanical, Quartz, Kinetic, Spring Drive and GPS Solar - All necessary components are made by Seiko Industries in house which makes Seiko one of the biggest in house manufacturers in the industry. Some would even say there are only two determinative watch brands in the world; Rolex and Seiko.