University clubs and societies

University clubs and societies

21 birthday dinner, anniversary or alumni? When it's time for a joyful celebration, there's no better gift than a Brunott watch or jewel.

Especially for clubs, Brunott has a special buying arrangement. Depending on the number of members of the club and the desired gift, you can enjoy interesting discounts and advantages on the purchase at Brunott. For example, you can get the gift engraved for free, we guarantee that the chosen product will always be deliverable, and the discount on the price can be as high as 25%.

We will make an appointment with you to select a beautiful gift, make a price agreement and lay this in an agreement. We will order all items immediately so that you can keep them until the next 21-dinner.

Our webshop is a source of inspiration: we can offer all products as a 21-dinner, anniversary or club gift. Don't you know where to find the perfect gift? There is a good chance that we will find something shiny together that suits your club.

Curious what Brunott can do for your club? Contact us, or visit one of our stores.