Do you have gold, silver or diamonds and want to sell them for a very good price? At Brunott Jewellers you have come to the right place for the best gold price you can get for your jewelry, coins, jewels and other precious objects.We give you correct prices and do not charge extra melting costs. As a gold buyer we can offer you a very attractive price, which is now much higher than in recent years because of the interesting gold rate.

The highest gold price

At gold and silver buyer Brunott Jeweler you can come in with all types of jewelry. Whether your precious metals are broken or in new condition, or whether they are incorporated into jewelry or are present completely separately ... it does not matter! With us you get for 35 euros an appraisal of the objects offered by you. If you sell your valuables to us after the appraisal, then of course you do not have to pay for the appraisal. After this appraisal you can choose to sell the gold and within 3 working days you will receive the money on your account for your gold- and silverware. We only work by appointment so that we can take the time to value your jewelry. Selling gold and silver is more attractive than ever. And you don't have to do anything yourself! Once we have made you an offer for your gold, silver, diamonds or watch, you decide what you do with this offer.

The highest price for your treasures

It does not matter what kind of jewelry you own, Brunott Jeweler can do something with almost anything! It often happens that people still have old necklaces or watches in the house, for example through an inheritance or simply because this jewelry is no longer worn. Due to the favorable exchange rates it is very attractive to sell these objects. In addition to these objects, think of: wedding rings, earrings, loose diamonds, wrist watches, commemorative coins or bracelets and pendants. We always offer you a fair and high price based on the current exchange rate. 

How do we proceed? 

  • You make an appointment in our store. 
  • You bring the jewelry you want to sell to the store. 
  • Together we make notes and take pictures of all the jewelry. 
  • We note your personal information and take a picture of your ID together with the jewelry.
  • Depending on the amount of gold and the number of different pieces of jewelry, we may do the appraisal in your presence, or ask you to come back a few days later. 
  • We test all jewelry to determine the carat (gold content). Bracelets and rings are cut if necessary with a cutter. 
  • Per carat we determine the weight of the jewelry. 
  • Our gold calculator determines per carat the amount we pay per gram. The price per gram is updated every 4 minutes. So you always get the right price for your jewelry. 
  • If you agree with the price you will receive the money within 3 working days on your account. Prefer contact paid? Please indicate this at the return. Then we look at the possibilities.
  • If you don't want to sell your gold to us after the valuation you will pay € 35,- valuation costs. 

Would you rather buy a nice piece of jewelry or watch with your gold? Then choose a Brunott Gift Voucher and we will give you 25% extra credit for free. 

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