Rotterdam Edition 2019

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  • Overview
  • This year again exclusively available at Brunott Jeweler. The Meistersinger City Edition. And again Meistersinger has made a beautiful watch. With blue sunburst dial and the most beautiful skyline in the world on the back.
Date Yes
Gemstones /
Index Arabic
Warranty 2 Years
Gender Men
Size 40 mm
Glas type Saffier
Case shape Round
Strap colour Brown
Case colour Silver
Dial colour Blue
Limited Edition Yes
Strap material Leather
Case material Steel
Clasp Buckle
Movement Mechanical

Product details

It’s no secret that nowadays nobody needs a wristwatch any longer to find out what time it is. However, the reasons why so many people still like to wear a well-chosen timepiece have very little to do with mere timekeeping, as only a watch can sum up so much in terms of style, lifestyle, and personal identity within a few square centimeters. Of course, a watch thus has a very special function too, as it tells others something about who you are. But far more importantly, at every glance, it is a way of assuring yourself about who you are and what you like.

Familiar Skyline

If a wristwatch already indicates a kind of spiritual home, it can do so even more specifically, as a MeisterSinger City Edition always reminds its owner of a place that is very close to their heart, such as the town of their birth, the place they have chosen as the center of their life, or a distant place of longing where they were extremely happy. Again this year, MeisterSinger has developed its City Edition collection with jewelers from around the world, a total of 56 models, each limited to a very few pieces. Based on the N° 03 – 40 mm, which looks good on both male and female wrists on account of its diameter, a particularly elegant design has emerged with a dark blue dial and gold-colored hour numerals with “City Edition” discreetly visible on the front. The dedication to the place where one’s heart lies remains confidential and can be seen only on the reverse side – mostly a typical silhouette of one’s hometown on the glass exhibition back, complemented by a motto engraved on the stainless steel case, some traditional, some contemporary. The Dutch city of Zwolle celebrates 789 years of local history; the Paris version proudly bears the motto “Fluctuat nec mergitur” to remind the wearer of the city’s ability to overcome even the worst of crises and the German capital with its “365/24 Berlin” aptly describes a city that never sleeps.

Talking Piece

Seen from the front, the differences between the City Edition and the series model are subtle, but those are the fine details that are important in a meticulously designed wristwatch. Connoisseurs will certainly recognize them on the wrist of a person they are talking to and perhaps ask them about their favorite place, which fulfills a further function of the watch – as a talking piece that brings people together.


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