Colette Bracelet 2 Wraps

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  • Today perhaps a single bracelet - refined and subtle - and tomorrow several, for a powerful statement! One-color or always with new colors? It's your choice! This wrap bracelet is available in yellow (62.5mm). Questions? We will help you out!

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1.5 kilos of gold, three experienced goldsmiths and a whole day's work produce 3000 meters of Niessing necklace. Sounds like a simple mathematical equation? Well, it's not! It takes many small, very labor-intensive steps to produce the Niessing necklace for Colette. It is manufactured according to the ancient craft of wire drawing. The goldsmiths in our workshop have mastered this discipline exceptionally well: they draw gold or platinum wire, again and again and again. With diamond tools, they create a soft sheen on the precious metal. For the perfect shape of the Niessing necklace, it is incredibly important that the wire has a circular profile. Once the threads are ready, they are wrapped around a transparent core of nylon with the utmost care and precision: this enhances the shine of the necklaces from the inside out. Finally, each Niessing Colette receives a hand-polished sphere.