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Gender Women
Material 18k gold and moonstone
Bullion colour rosegold and grey
Type Necklace

Product details

This necklace is a stunning piece from jeweler One More. The piece is made of 18Krt. rose gold, and is inlaid with gray moonstone. This piece can be effortlessly paired with other jewelry, but also stands beautifully on its own.

Jewelry that comes to life...

Impressions of modern life give flavor to One More's exceptional jewelry collections. The designers within the Belgian company have a knack for creating jewelry that, no matter how paired, looks stunning with each other. The jewelry is a perfect combination of statement and every day, so no matter how you wear your jewelry, you'll always be fine at One More. Each collection has a different concept that is so well-executed, it feels like the jewelry comes to life. Pantelleria is playful and colorful; Ischia is elegant and minimalistic, and so on. All jewelry is finished in 18 karat gold in yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold. 

Quality, craftsmanship, and passion

Parent company Beheyt praises itself to be "A Belgian heritage of exquisite jewelry, craftsmanship, and style since 1810" and they certainly do not sell this title short. Three unique values define the history of the jewelry company: quality, craftsmanship, and passion. The company was founded more than two hundred years ago with feminine strength as its infinite inspiration.