Watch Maintenance

Prevention is better than cure. With periodic checks, extensive overhauls and tips, our watch technicians will help your quartz or mechanical watch last forever.

Watches are very complex precision instruments. They function day in and day out, and are exposed to moisture, temperature fluctuations, bumps and dust during wear. Add to that the fact that a mechanical movement usually consists of more than a hundred parts, and you will understand why periodic maintenance is necessary.  And if your watch is running too fast or too slow - or if you really want to take good care of your watch - we will be there to take care of the maintenance. We can also send the watch to the manufacturer, but always in consultation and only if it's cheaper for you.

What you spend on the maintenance of your watch depends on the brand, the year of production and the type and complexity of the maintenance. When you hand in your watch, we make a price/quotation that is in line with the brand (starting from €65,- €90,- or €300,- euro). And there are always research costs (€35,- or €90,-, depending on the brand) that you have to pay.

The average repair time in our studio will be 2 weeks for a small repair and 6 to 12 weeks for a large repair. 


To make sure we return your watch to you in top condition, our watchmakers perform a wide range of checks and actions:

Mechanical watches

1. Technical analysis
We'll start with a comprehensive analysis of your watch. We will check the case, the strap, the closure and - of course - the timepiece for any defects.

2. Disassembly of the case
The case will be opened and disassembled (the crown and pin) to check the function of the winding mechanism and the calendar function.

3. Disassembling the entire watch
We take great care in disassembling the complete movement of your watch. (A precision work, because it can consist of hundreds of parts.) We also remove the hands and the dial.

4. Cleaning of the movement
All parts of the watch will be cleaned with a special liquid in a cleaning bath.

5. Checking and Replacing
All clean parts are individually checked for damage, which can damage the watch. Any damaged parts will be replaced by us.

6. Mounting and lubrication
We assemble all the parts and then smear them. For this we use special oils (of different viscosity).

7. Checking the movement
Assembled, checked and lubricated, the movement will be inspected. Our watchmaker uses an electronic device that is capable of detecting any deviations or errors in the movement.

8. Adjustment
We adjust the balance spring again, for a perfect adjustment of the movement.

9.Perfecting the watch case
To make your watch look like new again, we clean it in an ultrasonic bath. Finally, we polish the case (as desired and for an extra charge).


Quartz watches

Quartz movements are very accurate and require minimal maintenance.  However, there are a number of things that are important for the longevity of a Quartz watch. The Brunott watchmakers carry out the following inspections and actions on Quartz watches:

Replace battery

Quartz watches run on a battery that lasts on average one and a half to two years. If it is empty, it is important to replace it as soon as possible to prevent leakage and damage of the electronics.

It is wise to let our watchmakers replace the battery. We have the skills to correctly install the battery, and we know all about opening and closing watch cases. This prevents dust or moisture particles from damaging your watch.